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25th Anniversary of “Thessaloniki Cheaters”

Kole Angelovski
(Dnevnik, 25.06.2004) - On occasion of the 25th anniversary from its first setting, performance “Thessaloniki Cheaters” by Mile Popovski, directed by Kole Angelovski will be performed in the Drama Theatre within “Skopje Summer” on Saturday evening at 20,00h.
Done according to “Dundo Maroe” by Marin Drzic, it experienced 326 performances. The premiere was held on June 20, 1979 in Kursumli An. Gunther Kube is the scenographer, Elena Donceva is the costume designer, while Ljubomir Brandjolica is the music maker.
The cast includes Vladimir Angelovski, Mite Grozdanov, Dimce Meskovski, Goce Todorovski, Vanco Petrusevski, Sabina Ajrula, Snezana Stameska, Marin Babic, Jelena Zugic etc.
“The biggest contribution in the incredible success among the public is that of the actors. Young, talented, with a great sense of stylized comedy, with a sense for improvising, they have always played it with the same passion as in the beginning”, director Angelovski says.







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