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“Festival “Skopje Summer” – “Ballet Evening” with Premiere of “Napoli” and “Requiem”

James Amar
(Utrinski Vesnik, 28.06.2004) - In the framework of manifestation “Skopje Summer”, premieres of two ballet pieces in the choreography by French guest James Amar are to be held in the Macedonian National Theatre (MNT) on Monday evening at 20,30h. This is project entitled “Ballet Evening”, which is divided in two parts: “Napoli” and “Requiem”, including soloists of the MNT Ballet House.
Renowned Danish choreographer and dancer Ogist Burnanville made the choreography for “Napoli”, who is representative of the romantic ballet, inspired by love themes. Thrilled from the visit of city Naples in 1842, he decided to set ballet “Napoli”, which third act will be presented before the Macedonian public, showing the joy and dance at a wedding ceremony of young people. A Burnanville work is set for the first time in MNT, and his choreography is conveyed by James Amar. Ballet “Napoli” is set on the music by Helsedt, Gad, Pauli and Limby. Amar is the choreographer of the second part of “Ballet Evening” entitled “Requiem”, based on the music of Gabriel Foiret and Johan Sebastian Bach. He is a pedagogue-choreographer with huge experience. As he says, he managed to set a specific approach towards dance art in Macedonia. “I am satisfied from the cooperation with the Macedonian ballet dancers. This performance is danced in a different technique from the one they have worked before, and we made it in a short period. The dancers learned a new way of dancing, new way of body movement. This novelty is a complex process for them, but at the same time an encouraging one, which will help them in the future. The division has been done according to the way in which each dancer can present his/her qualities”, Amar says.
Marija Pupucevska adapted the costumes, while Zivoin Trajanovic made the scenography adaptation. Project “Ballet Evening” is realized in cooperation with the French Cultural Center.







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