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Premiere at “Skopje Summer” – Enthusiastic Summer Ballet Evening

James Amar
(Vest, 30.06.2004) - In the framework of “Skopje Summer”, premiere of two ballets “Napoli” and “Requiem” was held in the Macedonian Opera and Ballet on Monday evening. It was a joyful, summer ballet evening. The first ballet, in the choreography of renowned Dane Ogist Burnanville, was presented in a different light by the national Ballet, which nurtures the Russian ballet school. The difficult choreography, with numerous combinations, leaps and a fierce tempo, requires exceptional preciseness and purity in performing. The entire ensemble did all this errorless, showing exceptional enthusiasm and joy. Soloists Aleksandra Mijalkova, Marija Josifovska, Natasa Nikolova, Irena Kocevska and Zajnela Dimkoska danced the entire act without having the chance to take a breather. Furthermore, the three male soloists – Goran Bozinov, Dmitri Dzalagana and Dragan Pandilovski were also solid. The music, which was a mix of several authors, brought us into a typical Italian, southern atmosphere.
The second part “Requiem” according to the music of Gabriel Fore and Bach is in the choreography of Frenchman James Amar, who conveyed the choreography of the first part too. Unlike “Napoli”, “Requiem” is a contemporary ballet. Amar, through a pure and, simple and legible ballet language, conveyed lots of emotions and passion, while dancers Irena Kocevska, Biljana Kalenikova, Zajnepa Dimkoska, Maja Simeonova, Marija Gestakovska and Kire Pavlov showed exceptional plastic art and sense for this type of dance.







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