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Ohrid Summer Drama Programme - High-Rate Home Premieres and Foreign Performances

(Vest, 01.07.2004) - This year’s Ohrid Summer Festival has an extraordinary rich stage programme of both home and foreign performances selected by Iljko Stefanovski, actor of the Bitola Theatre. As for home plays, there will be seven festival premieres and foreign performances include 10-odd confirmed European theatres. The stage part of the festival is starting three days after the opening ceremony on July 15 with “Waiting for Godo” by Becket, the production of Primorsko Dramsko Gledalisce in Nova Gorica, Slovenia. The play is directed by famous Vito Taufer. The next play is “Room” by Horozovik, the production of Narodno Pozoriste of Sarajevo directed by Gradimir Gojer. “Mrs. Minister” by Nusik, the production of the National Theatre in Belgrade directed by Jagos Markovik follows. Two terms are reserved for Theatre on Terazije with a musical “Gypsies Fly to the Sky” (based on Gorki) and “Kiss me Kate.” City Istanbul Theatre is coming from Turkey with “Medea” directed by Ljupco Gjorgievski and the Bulgarian theatre production will be represented with two pieces, “The Balkans Is Not Dead” by Dejan Dukovski, the production of Ljubomir Kobakciev Theatre and “Comedy of Servants” by Moskov, the production of Streets Theatre. The only US theatre group at the festival is Cashama - Brokenopen Heart Production with “Be - here 3.” The end of the attractive and rich theatre part of the Ohrid Summer will see “Oedipus” by Korina Manara Troupe.







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