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Macedonia with Three Candidates for Mostra– Film of Svetozar Ristevski Applies for Venice

Svetozar Ristevski
(Vest, 13.07.2004) - Film debut of director Svetozar Ristevski is the third Macedonian film, which has applied at the Venice festival. Ristevski’s film, entitled “Years of Hope” has been renamed into “Illusion”, and is in its post-production stage, while the final version should be ready by July 25.
Venice’s Mostra, which is to be held on September 1-12, will announce the selection on July 28-29, while the other Macedonian candidates are “The Great Water” of Ivo Trajkov and “Bal-kan-kan” of Darko Mitrevski. Only Trajkov’s film is completely finished, while Mitrevski still works on post-production, and it is uncertain whether it will be ready for Venice, if selected.
This year marks the 10th anniversary from the greatest achievement of Macedonian cinematography – the Golden Lion, which “Before the Rain” of Milco Mancevski won at the 1994 Venice Festival. “Before the Rain” was the first and only Macedonian film, which competed for awards at Mostra. It also won 9 other awards at different festivals. Mancevski’s second film “Dust” opened Mostra in 2001. The following year, Zaneta Vangeli’s film “The Judge” was shown at one of the festival’s parallel programs.
Ristevski’s “Illusion” is a contemporary urban drama, filmed as a Macedonian-Austrian co-production, with a Euro 600,000 budget, 500,000 of which invested by the Ministry of Culture. Ristevski’s firm “Small Moves” and “Synchro Film” from Vienna are the partners.
The film was shot in Macedonia in December 2003, Vlatko Samoilovski is the cameraman, Igor Tosevski is the designer, and the cast includes Marko Kovacevic, Mustafa Nadarevic, Nikola Gjuricko, Slavica Manaskova, Elena Mose, Vlado Jovanovski, Bajrus Mjaku, Igor Stojcevski.







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