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“Skopje Summer” – Exhibition of Svetlana Jakimovska-Rodic

(Vecer, 22.07.2004) - Exhibition of graphics by Svetlana Jakimovska-Rodic, who lives and works in Ljubljana (Slovenia), will be opened in the Skopje Museum on Thursday evening at 20,30h. She has realized eight independent exhibitions, and has taken part at 10 group exhibitions.
The exhibition entitled “Drec” includes 24 artworks done in acrylic on canvass. Following her creative intention and painting potential, Rodic aspires for the synthetic manner of expression, systemizing her internal urges of her own sensibility. She builds a synthetic expression of oneself in time, and the time within oneself, finding balance between the external pressure and the internal impulse. She is in a search for the memories from her fatherland, customs and everything else that is present in her memory, colored in the paintings created in the space she lives and works.







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