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Macedonia in Great Festivals in North America and Asia - “Mirage” of Festivals in Toronto, Vancouver and Tokyo

(Utrinski Vesnik, 13.08.2004) - A film by Svetozar Ristovski, “Mirage,” which was shot under the working title “Years of Hope” has entered the selection of films dedicated to young authors at the film festival in Toronto, the modern film programme in Vancouver and a major Asian festival in Tokyo. Unfortunately, the invitation by another North American festival in Montreal, the only competitive festival where “Mirage” entered the European Film Selection was rejected because of the impossibility to be simultaneously at two festivals - Toronto and Montreal, festivals that are held almost at the same time.
“Mirage” is included in the programme called “Discovery” at the Festival in Toronto, which is of the exhibiting character and is seen as one of the most relevant North American festivals because of the comprehensiveness of its programme. As the very name suggests, “Discovery” is a programme that always presents for the first time innovative young directors which means that it plays a major role in discovering debut authors. “Discovery” has promoted films such as “Magdalena’s Sisters,” the winner of the Venice Film Festival; Australian “Whale Rider,” a film that won over the audiences and entered the race for Oscar; “George Washington” and others. Besides discovering young talents, “Discovery” is also seen as a programme that is able in its own way to turn into a window of the international modern world film.
The 29th Festival in Toronto will be held on September 9-18 and “Mirage” will have its world premiere there. The festival presents a wide scope of the recent Canadian and world film production. In a completely different concept including 16 programmes along with the “Discovery,” the festival offers “Midnight Madness,” a programme preferring unusual but magnificent works that cannot usually be seen in festivals; “Visions,” a programme destroying borders with its innovativeness; “Dialogues” with cult names and their cult works; and “Masters;” “Planet Africa,” “Canadian Open Dome” and other programmes.
There are no awards in the international competition in Toronto, and a selection of around 60 films from all over the world that conjure the “Modern World Film” is presented. They are mainly works by major authors and films that have been awarded in other festivals. The festival bestows an award for the best Canadian film and Fipresci, an award by the critics, as well as audience and journalist awards.
The third largest North American film festival is held in Vancouver and this year, the festival is ambitiously announcing its programme. The 23rd Vancouver Festival will be held on September 23-October 8th and is of the exhibiting character as is the one in Toronto. Ristovski’s “Mirage” entered “The Film of Our Time” programme. The festival is announcing a programme of 300 films including 200 feature films and 100 short films that will be shown in 12 movie theatres. As for the awards, the Vancouver festival has an award by the audience and some monetary awards.
In Tokyo, “Mirage” entered the main selection where it will have its Asian premiere. The festival is reputed for the size of the market it covers. This is the 17th Tokyo Film Festival that has existed since 1985 and was held biannually until 1991. The eight-day event will be held on October 23-31 and it is interesting that the organizers are able to show over 350 films within the one-week festival.
What is typical for the Tokyo Festival since its first event has been its tendency to discover and award new generations of young directors. Therefore, it was the precondition for “Mirage” to enter the main programme selection that this is its first festival it is competing in. The festival is very supportive to young talents and has propped up many famous names of the world film. The awards are monetary and are increased this year. So, instead of previous $ 80,000, this year’s Grand Prix amounts to $100,000. The special jury award is $20,000.
“Mirage” was shot in Veles in May/June 2003 and is about a 13-year boy and his maturing in a time that leaves traces in young people’s lives in its own way. The film stars Marko Kovacevic and the adult roles are entrusted to Mustafa Nadarevic, Nikola Gjuricko and Vlado Jovanovski. Vladimir Samoilovski is the director of photography, Igor Tosevski is the stage designer and Zaklina Krstevska has designed the costumes. “Mirage” is a Macedonian-Austrian co-production where two thirds of the funds were allotted by the Macedonian Ministry of Culture and the postproduction was made in Austria.







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