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At Gallery 19.19 Today – Days of Prose 2004

Gorjan Petrevski
(Makedonija Denes, 12.11.2004) - Days of Prose 2004 is opening at the Gallery 19.19 with the Culture and Information Centre at 11.00 a.m. today with the introductory address by Hristo Petreski, director of the event.
Several awards will be handed within the event including Prose Masters 2004 to Gorjan Petrevski for his novel “Alone.” Radovan P. Cvetkovski, the chairman of the jury will refer to the awarded novel and the author will orate an excerpt from the novel.
Author Petre Dimovski will be handed Trend for his novel “Junior” and Vladimir Popov will receive an award for his children’s novel “That Summer ’63.” Furthermore, a novel, “Flock of Birds” by Jadranka Klisarova will be promoted within the event.
Aleksandar Prokopiev, the chairman of the jury of the open competition for unpublished novels bestowed by Phoenix Publishing House will speak about the three novels and the authors will read excerpts from their books.







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