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Eighth Skopje Film Festival Closed – End in the Sign of Kusturica

(Utrinski Vesnik, 21.03.2005) - A premiere of Emir Kusturica’s “Life is Miracle” closed Sunday (20th March) this year’s Skopje Film Festival which was marked by a visit of the great film maker Peter Greenaway and one of the most interesting and most rewarded European authors, Kusturica. “Life is Miracle” was included in the main programme of last year’s Cannes Festival where Kusturica is definitely seen as a star.
A press conference was held on the final day of the festival with guests from Serbia and Croatia, Slavko Stimac and Boris Matik. Matik is one of the directors of the Croatian film “Sex, Drinks and Bloodshed” which was projected on Saturday (19th March).
The two final days were also in the sign of the Children Programme that breathed in a cute atmosphere as well as short-length films that attracted great interest. .
What attracted most attention on the final days of the festival were the films “Being Julia” by Isztvan Sabo starring Annette Bening and “The Sea Inside” by Alexandro Amenabar. The festival closed with the screening of “Country of Profusion” by Wim Wenders, Albanian “Moonless Night” by Artan Minoli, an interesting story about friendship and revenge, and Nick Love’s “Football Factory.”







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