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Skopje Cultural Summer – Concerts at Kursumli An and City of Skopje Museum at the Weekend – Concert of Spasov, Hadzimanov, Petrov and Kalife

(Vest, 15.07.2005) - Quartet including percussionists Aleksandar Petrov and Lebanese Basir Kalife, pianist Vasil Hadzimanov and kaval (a type of flute) player Teodosij Spasov is playing at Kurusmli An at 9.00 p.m. today.
The four musicians are connected by experience and knowledge they have in traditional music of the countries they belong to. However, they do not have pure traditional music in their repertoire rather than taking it as a based for further up-building with jazz, modern music, other world music and electro-acoustic music. Their inventive and creative paying brings fresh music and perfect sounds.
The programme for today also includes projection of “Like a Bad Dream,” a feature film by Aleksandar Mitrikeski at the Entertainment Park. The film stars Miki Manojlovski, Robert England, Iskra Veterova, Ertan saban and Verica Nedevska.
Kursumli An will be the venue of another concert tomorrow evening (9.30 p.m.) by TB Traceri, the predecessors of the Macedonian urban stage. Among other, the cult band will play their recently released album “Pop Songs of Sodom” that ranks among the top ten albums of Macedonian modern music.
Austrian piano player Albert Sasman will play Vienna classic composers’ pieces at the Museum of the City of Skopje at 8.30 p.m. on Sunday (17th June).







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