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Skopje Summer – Concert of Piano Players Dunja Ivanova and Ivana Ristova

Dunja Ivanova and Ivana Ristova
(Dnevnik, 25.07.2005) - A piano duo consisting of Dunja Ivanova and Ivana Ristova will have a concert at the Daut Pasa Amam in Skopje at 8.30 p.m. today. They will play compositions by Mozart, Shostakovich and Lutoslawsky.
The duo has recently taken part in Ibla Grand Prize International Competition in Ragussa, Sicily where they ranked among the ten winners of Exquisite Musicians of the Festival in competition of 100 participants.
Dunja Ivanova is a student of the second year at the Faculty of Music Art in Skopje in the class of Todor Svetiev. She has performed at the opening of this year’s Braka Manaki Film Festival and has taken part in many national and international competitions where she has won prestigious awards.
Ivana Ristova has graduated at Roosevelt University in Chicago, United States in the class of Annie Gogova. She is the winner of a few international competitions in the United States, Italy and France.







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