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Resen Home of Culture – Opening of Museum Commemorative Collection of Keraca Visulceva

(Vest, 09.09.2005) - Commemorative-museum collection of Macedonian painter Keraca Visulceva will be opened in home of culture “Dragi Tozija” in Resen on Saturday. It will include 40 drawings and paintings, selected from her 700 artworks. The collection also includes photographs, items from her atelier, as well as the last unfinished painting of Kiro Gligorov.
Minister of Culture Blagoj Stefanovski will formally open the exhibition. Furthermore, first Macedonian President Kiro Gligorov will be presented with a plaque for his efforts following Visulceva’s return to Macedonia 15 years ago.
Before her death, Visulceva wished for a resident display to be set in the home of culture. She is a Macedonian painter, who returned to her native country before her death. She graduated at the Plovdiv Art Academy. Keraca Visulceva won numerous awards, orders in France, Italy, and Poland.







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