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Art and Diplomacy – Ambassador Janackovic’s Light Circle

Zoran Janackovic
(Vecer, 22.06.2006) - An exhibition of paintings, “In the Circle of Light and Beauty” by Zoran Janackovic from Belgrade is opening at the Salon 1 of the Culture and Information Centre at 8.00 p.m. today. A lawyer, Janackovic is a self-taught painter and is known to the Macedonian public as diplomatic representative to Macedonia in the 1990s. After retiring from his professional career, Janackovic has dedicated himself completely to his first and great love – painting.
His first solo exhibition was organized in Leskovac in 1958 and he also exhibited works at Jovan Kolundzija’s Gurnerius Fine Art Centre in Belgrade in 2005 as well as in Leskovac early this year. The retrospective show at the Culture and Information Centre will see the artist’s 20 paintings made in oil on canvass, watercolour and coal since 1958. The show will be accompanied by a music section with opera singers Slavica Petrovska Galic and Aleksandar Stefanovski performing to the accompaniment of Jasminka Cakar on the piano. Art historian Violeta Krstic will open the show that runs through to 5 July and.







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