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Skopje Summer – Installation by Iva Dimanovska at Mala Stanica

(Vest, 18.07.2006) - “The Sixth Element and Masters of the World,” an installation by Iva Dimanovska will be displayed at the Mala Stanica Multimedia Centre at 8.30 p.m. today.
“The title unites several installations made of Plexiglas and silicone,” the author says. “The sixth element is my graduation work and the project relates to the man. The masters of the world are already known elements, and my installation speaks visually about their moving from one to another element and their correlation with the man. In this respect, the term ‘sixth element’ relates to the man.
Dimanovska has been engaged as a designer of industrial products and marketing materials such as posters and catalogues. She has designed the interior of the Frosina and Kultura movie theatres.







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