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Ohrid Summer – Concert of French Guitar Player Ehat Musa

Ehat Musa
(Vest, 27.07.2006) - French guitar player Ehat Musa is performing at St. Sofia today (9.00 p.m.) within the Ohrid Summer. He is playing compositions for guitar by Lobos, Powell, Reis, Brower and Tamez.
Musa won the first award at the National Competition of Young Soloists as back as in 1969. Since 1970 he attended master classes of Alirio Diaz in Italy. Later he moved to Paris and went on to study guitar with Alberto Ponce exploring in the area of acoustics and following the tradition of Tarrega and Pujol. That was the beginning of his artistic career. He has had concerts as the soloists of grand symphonic orchestras throughout the world.







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