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Skopje Film Festival Opens with Wim Wenders’ Film

(Vreme, 07.09.2006) - The 9th Skopje Film Festival is opening tomorrow evening with “Don't Come Knocking“ by director Wim Wenders. The festival programme will be presented at the Millennium, Kultura and Manaki theatres and is divided in several sections: modern world film, new Russian film, retrospective, Sound and Fury and short films.
The modern world film is an annual terse presentation of the trends in the global filmmaking where new films by Wenders, Almodovar, Von Trier, Kaurismaki, Rodriguez and other will be presented. This section will also be dedicated to the Danish cinematography with three films.
The regional heroes this year have been discovered in Antonio Nunic, Ahmed Ivanovic and Filipovic, whereas the local directors presented in the festival are Zaneta Vangeli and Aleksandar Stankovski.
The dedication to the original film work of director Wong Kar-Wai will be presented with six films. The New Russian Cinema programme is following the boom of the Russian cinematography upon the break-up of communism and its specifics to watch the man as a mystery that cannot be un-puzzled.
The short film programme is richer that any other year. Twenty seven films made by a new generation of European directors and filmmakers divided in four sub-programmes will be shown.
The nine day festival will also reserve place for Croatian One Take Film Festival, or films made in one take, selected from the past editions of the festival as well as for film makers of tomorrow from the United States and Australia whose films were selected in the programme of the Seattle Film Festival.
The festival closes on 16 september with the proection of Return by Pedro Almodovar and B razileriogno by Miki Kaurismaki.







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