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Skopje Film Festival – Specifics of New Russian Cinema

(Utrinski Vesnik, 14.09.2006) - Thursday’s program at Skopje Film Festival will be held in cinemas “Kultura” and “Manaki”.
“In the Mood for Love” of Wong Kar-Wai is on the repertoire in “Kultura” at 16,00h, followed by two films of “New Russian Cinema” at 18,00h and 22,00h. First comes “It Does Not Hurt” of Alexey Balabanov, and then “Transit” of Alexander Rogoshkin. In between is the premiere of crime film “Revolver” of Guy Ritchie at 20,00h.
Program in “Manaki” includes “The Minutemen” at 17,00h, “Heavy Metal Junior” and “Sounds of Istnabul” of Fatih Akin at 21,00h.







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