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Skopje Film Festival Begins on March 16

(MIA, 01.03.2007) - The 10th edition of Skopje Film Festival will be held in cinemas “Millennium” and “Ramstore” on March 16-25. Part of the main program, comprised in cooperation with distributor “Manaki Film” is already familiar.
The festival preserves the tradition of showing new films and ones rewarded at prestigious film festivals, such as “Still Life” of Zang Ke Jia (winner of Venice “Golden Lion”), “Maria Antoinette” of Sofia Coppola (nominated at Cannes Film Festival), as well as Oscar nominees “The Devil Wears Prada” of David Frankel and “Apocalypto” of Mel Gibson.
Besides the main program, the festival will also include “Sound and Fury” – documentary films dedicated to the relation between film and music. Five films-documents on great musicians and their stories will be projected. Moreover, program “Anima-Fest” will present animated-short and feature films. Over 40 rewarded short and animated films from the entire world have been selected.
The festival will also include presentations and workshops, presentation of production company “Colonel Blimp”, tour of John Hasey, who is one of the most rewarded directors of independent musical video-clips, workshop on topic “Music in Film” with guests Nathan Larson and Nina Person, two-day workshop “Script Factors”, tour of Aida Lipera from the Edinburgh Film Festival, who is the selector of program “Mirror Ball”.







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