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Nina Persson at Skopje Film Festival – Link of Music and Film Makes Unique Art Product

Nina Persson
(Dnevnik, 20.03.2007) - Music and film linked in an art can give a nice product and present what an artist thinks and wants to express, said Swedish singer Nina Persson, a guest of the Skopje Film Festival together with her spouse, composer Nathan Larson. Persson presented Skopje audience the film “God Willing” by directors Amir Chamdin and Erik Eger.
“I feel safely in that story,” Persson said. “’God Willing’ was a very amusing project for me. The film met mixed response in Sweden but I am only interested in reviews where I can see that the idea of the film has been understood.”
Persson said her film career might start or end with this role. The singer of the Cardigans, she said she was happy in Skopje, a completely new environment for her.
Larson said the project was very amusing because inter alia he was able to learn about new cultures, such is the Finnish one.







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