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Simon Trpceski Closes Ohrid Summer with La Viva Musica Orchestra – Review on Trpceski’s Concerts in Prestigious Daily Telegraph

Simon Trpceski
(Vest, 29.06.2007) – Macedonian Pianist Simon Trpceski will have a concert for the closing of the Ohrid Summer Festival playing together with Russian La Viva Musica Orchestra. The information has been confirmed by Ohrid Summer Director Toni Simonovski who said he was waiting Tpceski to return from England and Norway where he was having concerts so that they signed a contract. As already reported, "Spartak," ballet production of the Kiev National Ballet will open the festival.
Prestigious Daily Telegraph published a review of Trpceski’s concert marathon in Skopje last week and his concert at the Vigmor Hall in London a few days later by Geoffrey Norris. Norris says Trpceski’s recital at Vigmore Hall has so much imagination and refinement that offers pure joy and special beauty.
“The more one hears Trpceski, the more one appreciates how closely he identifies with the distinctive soul of the music he is playing. This was equally evident a few days earlier at a concert in his native Skopje,” Norris says.
“When Trpceski first made his mark here in 2000, I was probably not alone in being shamefully unaware of other Macedonian musical talent, but this concert exposed some winning examples of it, the author stressed praising individually the young musicians performing with Trpceski in the two concerts.
“Trpceski embraced the spirit of this diverse repertoire with exceptional insight, just as each of the Chopin polonaises, mazurkas and waltzes in his solo programme encapsulated specific moods, and the two Liszt Soirées de Vienne had that enveloping atmosphere and consummate artistry which mark him out as one of the great musicians of our day.”







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