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Skopje Summer – Concert of Serbian Ensemble for Folk Songs and Dances

Ensemble “Kolo”
(Vest, 05.07.2007) - In the framework of “Skopje Summer” festival, ensemble for folk songs and dances “Kolo” from Serbia will perform in the Macedonian Opera and Ballet Gallery on Thursday evening at 20,30h. They will perform series of folk dances from Serbia, Gypsy and Hungarian dances from Vojvodina.
Ensemble “Kolo” was established in 1948 and has since tried to raise the level of artistic interpretation. The ensemble’s original costumes date from the 19th century, giving it the trait “traveling museum”.
“Kolo” has toured throughout the globe, performing in the most prestigious halls, such as Carnegie Hall in New York, Moscow’s Bolsoi Theatre, Sydney Opera, Royal Festival Hall in London etc.







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