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“Young and Angry” by Bitola Theatre Closes Skopje Summer

(Vecer, 31.07.2007) – Bitola National Theatre is pulling down the curtain of the Skopje Summer 2007 with “Turn Back in Anger, Young and Angry” by graduating director Jovan Ristovski at the Museum of the City of Skopje at 9.00 p.m. Dimitar Mihajlovski with Trinity Producer is also behind the play besides the Bitola National Theatre. The cast includes Ognen Drangovski, Maja Andonovska, Nikola Projcevsdki, Ilina Corevska and Elena Mose.
The cult play by John Osborne was first performed in 1956 and was declared a turning-point play in the British dramaturgy. It was the author and his hero Jimmy Porter who marked the arrival of “young angry people” appearing in the social and political life of Britain in a radical and even anarchistic manner.







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