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Simon Trpceski’s Second Concert Cycle in Macedonia – The Feeling to Play at Home Is Called Happiness

Simon Trpceski
(MIA, 30.01.2008) – “The feeling to play at home is called happiness,” is the sentence that our piano virtuoso uttered announcing the second concert cycle through Macedonia. After successful concerts in Prilep, Strumica and Gevgelija, Trpceski will play in Stip, Kumanovo and Tetovo (11, 24 and 26 February respectively), and he is also announcing a third cycle. Trpceski said at a press conference yesterday that he played in Stip ten years ago, and this will be his first concert visits of Tetovo and Kumanovo. The concerts will be divided in two parts with the second one including Russian classical composers Prokofiev and Rachmaninoff.
Trpceski stressed the necessity of decentralization in culture. “I am happy to play in my country. Everybody should look after dissemination of art in the Macedonian country because this is the way an image is built,” the pianist said.
Calling himself the greatest promoter of the Macedonian art in the world, Trpceski said he plays Macedonian music at each second or third concert abroad. “The Macedonian music is a part of me. That is a root. I present it in any possible occasion.” A video from the recording of the electronic press material for Trpceski’s new CD was presented at the conference. For more information, see at EMI Classics official web site.







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