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Following Concert in New Zealand – What a Wonderful Player Simon Trpceski Is!

Simon Trpceski
(Vecer, 24.06.2008) – Positive responses to a concert of our pianist Simon Trpceski have come again by foreign reviewers. New Zealand’s The Dominion Post in Wellington reviewed the first of seven concerts Trpceski is having in New Zealand as the soloist of the Symphonic Orchestra of New Zealand. Called on stage after the concert, Trpceski treated the audience with “Preludium and Pajduska” by Zivojin Glisic.
“The Saint-Saens Piano Concerto No 2 is the most popular of the five he composed, but it is not a work of great substance. It is, though, like most of Saint-Saens' music, great fun, and in the hands of the young Macedonian pianist, Simon Trpceski, it positively scintillated. What a wonderful player he is. He is no technically dazzling automaton, for all his stupendous technique, but a player of subtlety and intense musicality,” writes reviewer John Buton emphasising “Preludium and Pajduska” as “a piece based on a Macedonian folk tune, marvellously played.”
The New Zealand Symphonic Orchestra was established in 1946 and is the leading orchestra in the country. With 90 members, it organizes around a hundred yearly concerts throughout the country.
The Macedonian piano virtuoso will enclose this part of the season with a tour of Australia next month.







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