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Skopje Summer – Concert of Baklava Ethno Band

(Vecer, 21.07.2008) – The Baklava Ethno Band is having a concert on the Skopje Fortress (Kale) within the Skopje Summer today (9.00 p.m.). The Baklava is a music band with a minimalist music concept: the sound is built by a female vocal and two string and percussion folk instruments – tambura and def. Besides remakes of Macedonian folk compositions, the band is open for other folk traditions as well. The band was established in 2005 as the results of a union of individual music experience of its members with their own project and in collaboration with other musicians and bands. The Baklava consists of Elena Hristova – vocal, Nikola Nikolov and Vladimir Martinovski – tambura, and Dejan Srbinovski – def.







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