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Concert with Bulgarian Guests at Skopje Summer

(Vest, 29.07.2008) - In the framework of Skopje Summer, soprano Gordana Kekenovska-Kolarova and pianist Boyan Kolarov from Bulgaria will hold a concert in the Skopje Museum on Tuesday evening at 20,30h. The program includes pieces by For, Pulan, Donizetti, Argento and Bernstein.
Couple Kolarov studied at the Tampa University in South Florida and the Sofia Music Academy, whereas Gordana was also schooled at the National Regional Conservatorium in Montpellier, France. She took part at a number of competitions and concerts in Macedonia, Bulgaria, France, Florida.
Boyan Kolarov has held soloist performances in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Germany, Austria, Norway, France, USA. Moreover, he worked as a piano teacher at the University of South Florida, and education center “Aleko Konstantinov” in Sofia.







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