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Skopje Summer - Fire Show and Theatre

(Vecer, 24.06.2009) – An exhibition, “Painting by Means of Fire” by the Hungarian academic painter Georgi Pap (Cifte Amam, 8.30 p.m.) is opening the fourth Skopje Summer Cultural Evening. Pap’s paintings are described as a “new art world shown in works made with antique method where dyed powder glass and crystals baked on a red copper dish are applied creating affluent reflection of colours, which is not achievable through another art method. His glazes are also called magic one because of the unique expression of union of tradition with the universal visual art…”
The theatre part of the summer night includes productions of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts "El Escorial” directed by Jane Spasic and “Salome” directed by Nina Nikolic at 9.30 and 10.30 p.m. Both feature students of the faculty supported by several young professionals.







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