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Venko Andonovski is the Recipient of the Balkanika Award for Best Book in the Balkan

Venko Andonovski
(Utrinski Vesnik, 13.05.2002) - The fifth anniversary meeting of the “Balkanika” foundation took place in Ohrid from May 10th to 12th. The members of this foundation are publishing houses from all Balkan countries and they are Nikolaj Stojanov from Bulgaria, Dimitar Elimov from Macedonia, Valentin Tasku from Romania, Livio Muci from Albania, Katia Lambesi from Greece, Zeinet Kaligor from Turkey and Predrag Stanoevic from Serbia and Monte Negro.
After two days, the members of the international jury decided to grant the Balkanika 2001 award for best book in the Balkan to Venko Andonovski for the novel “The Bellybutton of the World”, published by “Kultura” from Skopje. The jury, consisted of Fernando Ainsa, president, Zoran Ancevski from Macedonia, Vasile Andru from Romania, Virgil Muci from Albania, Venko Kanev from Bulgaria, Eleni Marmarinu from Greece, Bahrie Ceri from Turkey and Marijana Vucetic from Serbia and Monte Negro, unanimously brought the decision for best book in the Balkan award to be granted to “The Bellybutton of the World” by Venko Andonovski.
Nikolaj Stojanov, president of the “Balkanika” foundation, at the gala for the announcement of the winner, said: “I am happy hat we are working together again, all of the Balkan countries here in Ohrid. Some of us have been cooperating for several years and some are new members, but we will cooperate again next year and until the end of life. There were seven books and seven candidates in competition this year. I think that they are all exceptional books that expect and deserve the award. But, one always wins. This time, literature won, because we still have seven new books that will circle the Balkan, and I hope Europe and the world as well”.
After Stojanov’s address, the present were shown a film by the Bulgarian director Vladislav Kovacev, dedicated to the anniversary – five years of the “Balkanika” foundation. The film introduced the present with the nominated authors and works.
The decision was announced by the president of the international jury, Fernando Ainsa, who handed the award to this year’s laureate. The award consists of a plaque and a bronze statue by a Bulgarian sculptor. The financial part of the award will be received by the author through his author’s fee, which will be paid to him by all publishing houses, members of the foundation, having the obligation to translate and publish the awarded novel. Beginning this year, the authors are also given a painting by a domestic author. This year, Venko Andonovski was given a computer graphic by Dragan Spasovski. This kind of painting was also given to the president of the jury Fernando Ainsa. This year, an award for best translation was introduced, which was given to Lidija Dimkovska for the excellent translation of the novel by last year’s laureate Vasile Andru, “Heavenly Birds”.
A meeting of the members of the foundation was also held and it was decided that the meetings of the “Balkanika” foundation would be held in May every year, so next year in May the meeting will take place in Romania. In spite of the suggestions for separating the genres of the nominated works, the decision hat al genres would be able to participate remained. The books will continue to be translated into English and French and beginning this year, Croatia will participate in the foundation a well.







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