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Conservation Centre - Skopje Keeps Looking After Cultural Heritage - Gilded Icons Painted by Dico Zografot Restored and Conserved

(Vecer, 22.03.2010) – The Conservation Centre in Skopje has completed a 14-month project for restoration and conservation of fifty gilded icons and a gilded carved iconostasis in St. John the Baptist Church at the village of Bulacani, Skopje area. This extraordinary and valuable collection of 19-century icons whose importance is even greater since they were signed by Dico Zografot, a famous icon painter in the Balkans at the time, has been conserved for the following few centuries in an endeavour enabled by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia, Stojmir Stojanov, Senior Conservator and the Project Manager says.
“Those icons are a part of the Macedonian national treasure that makes us recognisable in the world. The church itself is located at a village on Skopska Crna Gora, a mountain that has been referred to as “Skopje Athos” according to the number of churches and monasteries located there," Stojanov says.







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