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Art Installations on City Streets at “Skopje Summer”

(Vest, 25.06.2010) - “Micro-Skopje Narratives” is the art project within “Skopje Summer”, which will be held at city’s public spaces on Friday.
Artist Dijana Tomic-Radevska presents work “In the Name of Video” in downtown Skopje at 16,00h.
Afterwards, Marija Veterova will present “Manual for Use of Digital Prints” (17,00h), Blagojce Naumovski-Bane will promote installation “In-Out-Energy” (18,00h), Tanja Tanevska will demonstrate “Sings of Irrelevance” (18,30h), while Atanas Botev will perform “Artist 2-Coffee and Cigarettes” (19,00h).







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