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Today at the Museum of Macedonia - Exhibition of Works by Kiraca Visulceva

(Vecer 7.08.2002) - An exhibition of the oldest Macedonian living artist, Kiraca Visulceva is opening at the Museum of Macedonia this evening at 8.00 p.m. Thirty-six works – oils on canvass, which is only 10 percent of her opus containing 345 oils, three sculptures and 198 watercolours and drawings, will be exhibited. The exhibition encompasses all periods of the artist’s work.
“It is about a university educated painter who, at 93, is the oldest Macedonian living artist. Her art has not been valorized and is not known to the public, and that’s the reason we are organizing the exhibition,” says Museum of Macedonia. The aim is to present her original portraits, nudes, and landscapes to the public and provoke art critics.
Kiraca Vuslceva was born on 7 April 1911 in the village of Nesram, Kostur area (Aegean Macedonia). Her family soon left the native land and moved to Bulgaria. In Sofia, Visulceva graduated from the Art Academy under professors Stefan Ivanov (drawing) and Nikola Ganusev and Boris Mitov (painting). She went on to work as a teacher in a few village schools. In 1941, she came to Macedonia where she taught at the Women’s Highschool in Skopje only to return to Bulgaria for family reasons three years later. She lived in Bulgaria until 1996.

Despite of changing the place of living so often, Visulceva has remained active in painting and has made over 500 works. Her favourite genres are landscapes and portraits, the most impressive segments of her work dominated by realism, or impressionist manner.
After a meeting with two custodians from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Skopje (which is organizing the exhibition), she showed wish to move to Skopje in early 1990s and bring all her works including the items from her apartment such as folk costumes, chairs, rugs and to give them to Macedonia.
Kiraca Visulceva has been under the care of the Geriatric Clinic because of health problems for seven or eight months. If her condition allows, she will attend the opening of her first solo exhibition by Macedonian artist Gligor Cemerski. The exhibition is conceptualized by Marika Bocvarovska at the Museum of Contemporary Art.
Late last year, the Ministry of Culture granted Visulceva life financial allowance.







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