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At the Museum of Macedonia - First Presentation of Visulceva’s Works

(Utrinski Vesnik, 9.8.2002) - The first solo exhibition of Pirin Macedonia-born 92-year-old Macedonian artist Keraca Visulceva in our country was opened at the Museum of Macedonia the day before yesterday. Unfortunately, the author was not able to attend her so much desired exhibition because of her bad health condition.
This is the first introduction of the Macedonian public with only a part of Visulceva’s work since 1977 when she came to live in Macedonia, which came after the Utrinski Vesnik first spoke of the Macedonian great artist’s life story last December. Thirty-six works out of about 500 paintings made by Visulceva, now included in the collection of the Museum of Macedonia, were presented on the exhibition that was opened by Macedonian artist Gligor Cemerski.







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