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Skopje Jazz Festival- Six Days of Traditional to Techno Jazz Rhythm

(Dnevnik, 15.10.2002) - The concert of duo “Galiano-Portal” will mark the beginning of the 21st edition of “Skopje Jazz Festival” in the Universal Hall on Thursday evening at 21,00h. The duo is consisted of French accordion player Richard Galiano and clarinettist, saxophonist and composer Michel Portal, one of the leading figures, not only of French, but of the European jazz. The same evening will include the performance of “Project Gotan”- a combination of attractive video projections and acoustic-electronic music fusion of the 7-member band. These Argentinean musicians, who live in Paris, are megastars in Europe, and the London “Guardian” wrote, “London Admires ‘Gotan Project’”.
The six festival evenings will include 12 concerts of jazz musicians or bands that come from France, Brazil, USA, Bulgaria, Greece, Finland, Sweden, Peru and Cuba. Oliver Belopeta is the festival organiser, who states that this edition is “dynamic, attractive, with combination of musicians that nurture the traditional, but also the contemporary jazz rhythm, and is another step forward in bringing the best, without any stylish limitations”.
This means that the festival will present music for the true jazz lovers, but also for those that are attracted by the new experimental forms of jazz musicians that come from Brazil or Cuba. There will also be one DJ jazz midnight party with Swedish duo “Coop” in Skopje discotheque “Element”.
Largest number of musicians come from the US jazz scene- “Arto Lindsay Band” and “Dave Douglas New Quintet”, which the Skopje audience had the opportunity to see at one of the previous festival editions, as well as “Mingus Big Band” and “Cecil Taylor Sound Vision Orchestra”.
Brazil will bring us “Moreno Veloso + 2” and “Trio Mokoto”, the Bulgarian-Greek-US trio “Spasov-Yazjiyan-Veles”, “Kimo Pojonen Cluster” from Finland and the Cuban Edith Piaf Omara Portuondo, famous from the movie “Buena Vista Social Club” by Wim Wenders. Peru is presented by Susana Baka, a vocalist, which music development starts as the one of Cesaria Evora. She published her first album in the studio of David Burn in 1997, and she conquered the world with the specific colour of her voice.
The festival is financially supported by the Ministry of Culture with 4 million denars (35% of the budget), while the other means have been provided from sponsors.







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