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21st Skopje Jazz Festival Opens Thursday Evening - Diverse Program with Currently Prevailing Genres

(Utrinski Vesnik, 16.10.2002) - Six festival evenings at the Univerzalna Sala and a midnight party at the Element Club will feature this year’s 21st Skopje Jazz Festival opening tomorrow till 27th October. “This year we have a program that differs from the previous ones,” said Oliver Belopeta, Director of the Skopje Jazz Festival at a press conference yesterday. “The difference is that the program is somewhat more diversified and is more open to other style genres that are currently prevailing in the world. Most of the wider audience, but also the connoisseurs, will likely be more responsive to it.
The festival is opening tomorrow at the Univerzalna Sala at 8.30 p.m. with a duet of Rishad Galliano, accordion, and Michael Portal, saxophone. The two great names of the European jazz are coming from France, and Galliano has already participated in the Skopje Jazz Festival. The second group on the first festival evening is “Gottan Project,” a French-Argentine combination that has been very popular these years. They will present their visual-acoustic performance. The second evening will see the performance of a musician who is also known to the audience in Skopje, US vocalist and guitarist Arto Lindsey, this time with a new group along with Brazilian vocalist and guitarist Moreno Veloso, Gaetanno Veloso’s son, with two other players and a project, “Moreno Veloso +2”. The third evening is reserved for a trio composed of Spasov (kaval – type of flute), Jadzian (ut), and Veles (percussions), whose members come from different countries – Bulgaria, Armenia and the United States. Finish virtuous on accordion Kimo Pochonen with his new project, “Cluster,” is also performing on the third evening. The fourth evening is dedicated to Latin-American music that will start with Brazilian Mocotto Trio, the pioneers of the so-called samba-soul in late 60s, and Peru’s singer Suzana Baka, who is one of the most popular singers coming from the Third World. The fifth evening will be opened by trumpet player Dave Douglas with his new quintet and will be closed by Buena Viso Social Club and the first lady of this group, vocalist Omara Portuando. The sixth evening, the closing evening of the festival, will see the performances of two US great orchestras, Mingus Big Band, composed of top music soloists (the band is marking 80th anniversary of the birth of legendary bassist Charles Mingus this year), and pianist Sessile Taylor’s Big Band. The accompanying event of the festival is a midnight party with Swedish Cop Duo at the Element Club on 19th October.
The main sponsor of the festival is Macedonian Ministry of Culture, and the general sponsor is Skopska Pivara. Unlike the previous festivals, the complete design of the Skopje Jazz this time is by our authors. The placard is made by Gordana Vrencoska and McKen Erikson, the catalogue by Milco Serafimovski and the video by Tomato production.







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