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Awards at the Monodrama Festival in Bitola Revealed - “Munchhausen” by Vili Matula – Best Monodrama

Vili Matula
(Utrinski Vesnik, 29.10.2002) - The only award for the best performance at the Fourth Monodrama Festival held in Bitola on 24 to 27 October went to “Munchhausen” by Vili Matula. Eight monodramas from the country and countries in the region participated in the Festival.
“Munchhausen” by Vili Matula is a show “led to the top of an actor’s theatre with bravura and acting energy inbuilt skillfully into the plot through a wide spectrum of the actor’s means of expression, said the jury including Simeon Gavrilov, Boris Corevski and Pande Manojlov in the explanation of the award.
The awarded texts within the 2002 Monodrama Contest, announced at the festival are: “Another Sky” by Tomislav Osmanli, “There is Drought at the Balcony Again” by Petre Dimovski and “A Heart for Little Love” by Zivko Kareski. “Confession of Beloved” by Petre Dimovski, “Truth about Collapsed TAT Saving Bank” by Vande Gancevski, “The Skirmish” by Suzana Gorgievska” and “Bird, Wall, Light” coded Bird have been bought out.







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