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The Winner of Utrinski Vesnik Award Announced - “Discussion with Spinoza” by Goce Smilevski Novel of the Year

Goce Smilevski
(Utrinski Vesnik, 13.03.2003) - Goce Smilevski is the youngest winner of the Best Novel Award. The 2002 Novel of the Year by Utrinski Vesnik Daily is awarded to “Discussion with Spinoza” by Goce Smilevski, published by Dijalog, the members of the jury of this prestigious award announced at a press conference yesterday. The jury including Dimitar Basevski, the Chairman, and Blagoja Ivanov, Olivera Nikolova, Igor Isakovski and Zvezdan Georgievski, the members, voted for the decision unanimously. The award consists of a plaque and monetary award of 120,000 denars.
This is the fourth award bestowed by the Utrinski Vesnik for the best Macedonian-language novel confirming once again that the recognition is gaining its prestigious place on the Macedonian cultural map year by year. It was confirmed in the chairman of this year’s jury Dimitar Basevski’s address that “the Novel of the Year Competition by the Utrinski Vesnik gives special contribution to the support and affirmation of the Macedonian novel. Owing to what is done by the daily, the award is singled out from the rest and presents the best in literature while attracting the Macedonian readership to Macedonian authors and literature.”
This year’s winner, Goce Smilevski said “he understands the award as his own support and the support for young Macedonian authors in general.” “It is my honour to belong to Macedonian literature since every author has his/her predecessors and every new book is just a stone in a mosaic. My predecessors are Macedonian authors of the older generation and every book that I have read.” As for the topic of “Discussion with Spinoza” and his inspiration, Smilevski said, “The topic of Spinoza locked me in the moment I introduced myself with his philosophy and its interpretation by theoreticians.”
We would like to say a word or two on behalf of the tradition of the award established by the Utrinski Vesnik including the fact that the previous three winners have achieved great success with their awarded novels. The award was first handed in 1999 to Slobodan Mickovic for his book “Mazarena’s House,” the author’s independent publication. Next year’s winner Venko Andonovski got the award for the “Navel of the World,” published by Tri Publishing House, which subsequently got Balkanika Award. His book has seen its fourth edition, this time published by Kultura. Andonovski’s success was followed by last year’s winner Dimitar Basevski’s “The Well” (two editions), which is currently Macedonia’s candidate for Balkanika.







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