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Film - Shooting of “Years of Hope” by director Svetozar Ristovski Under Way

Svetozar Ristovski
(Dnevnik, 06.05.2003) - The shooting of a Macedonian film, “Years of Hope,” is starting in locations in Veles today. The script writer and director is Svetozar Ristovski who is known to the Macedonian public by “The Joy of Life,” a documentary that has won awards in world festivals in San Francisco, United States and Munich, Germany.
“Years of Hope” is a social modern drama of an urban worker’s family living its sad life story. The lead roles are entrusted to Vlado Jovanovski (in the role of Lazo), Elena Mose (Anga) and their children, 13-year-old Marko Kovacevic (Marko) and 17-year-old Slavica Manaskova (Fani), who are first showing in a film.
The acting ensemble also includes: Mustafa Nadarevic, Nikola Guricko, Danco Cevrevski, Bajrus Mjaku, Salaetin Bilal.
The shooting will be finished by June 17th and the film is planned to be released by early next year.
The budget for “Years of Hope” is 600,000 euros; the largest part is provided by the Ministry of Culture, and a smaller part, around 10 percent, by an Austrian partner in charge of post-production.







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