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Kinoteka na Makedonija - “Ilinden on Film” and in Macedonian Diaspora

(Utrinski Vesnik, 30.07.2003) - Kinotekata na Makedonija is extending the events on the 100th Anniversary of Ilinden Uprising among the Macedonian Diaspora. In cooperation with the Emigration Agency, Kinotekata will mark the Ilinden Uprising jubilee with Macedonian films screened amongst Macedonians living in Australia, United States and Europe. The programme for Toronto, Canada has already been defined and includes: “The Longest Path” by Branko Gapo and “Upright Yourself, Delfina!” by Aleksandar Gurcinov.
We have already reported that a Day of Macedonian Culture will be organized on August 6 within the Island Festival in Rome. At the festival, Macedonia will be represented by “The Republic on Fire” by Ljubisa Georgievski, “Macedonia in Pictures” by Arsenij Jovkov and “Angels in Dump” by Dimitrie Osmanli. Three films were projected within the Days of Macedonian Culture in Croatia. They were: “The Republic on Fire” by Ljubisa Georgievski, “Macedonian Bloody Wedding” by Trajce Popov” and “Thessalonica Assassins” by Zika Mitrovic. Kinotekata is announcing that Macedonian Association in Nis, Serbia and Montenegro has shown interest in screening “Before the Rain” by Milcho Manchevski and “The Republic on Fire” by Georgievski for the upcoming holidays.
Kinotekata is the first amongst the cultural institutions to have started commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Ilinden, Boris Nonevski, director of Kinotekata says. It is known that the film cycle accompanied by a thematic exhibition on Ilinden has been shown in five towns in Macedonia and is planned to be seen in seven more. On the occasion of the jubilee, Kinotekata has already promoted a book about the film “Thessalonica Assassins,” whereas the next 28th issue of the Kinopis magazine will also be dedicated to the great jubilee. Other events will also be organized by the end of the year, Kinotekata announces.







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