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Open Competition for Building of ASNOM Memorial Center Announced

(MIA, 16.01.2004) - Following the decision of the Macedonian Government, the Ministry of Culture announced Friday the open competition for preparation of a draft-urban architectonic solution for building of Memorial Center ASNOM.
The location for the complex is situated in region Sredorek, Pelince, municipality Staro Nagoricane, two kilometers from monastery "St. Prohor Pcinski", where the first session of ASNOM (National Anti-Fascist Liberation Council of Macedonia) was held on August 2, 1944.
The work should contain a draft-architectonic solution, along with a textual rationale. The first award amounts at Denar 400,000, the second at 200,000, while the third at 180,000, as well as two buy outs at Denar 80,000. The deadline for submitting the ideas is February 16, 2004, followed by public announcement of the results.
"I think that we will choose the best and the most rational solution. The idea for this complex came in the course of 2003, mainly because the celebration should urge both the younger and older generations", Minister of Culture Blagoj Stefanovski stated for MIA.
He added that the object, which will be located by Pcinja River and near the highway, would correspond with the surrounding, where people go on picnics.
"Unfortunately, due to the decision of the Serbian Parliament, the site where the ASNOM Assembly was held is ex-Macedonian territory, and therefore we cannot celebrate this event there", Minister Stefanovski stated. According to him, the 60th anniversary of the event can be celebrated along with the people, while the new complex can also be used in the course of the entire year.
The complex will be comprised of playgrounds, restaurant, amphitheater for performances, along with the commemorative plaques of the ASNOM Assembly, which were located in "St. Prohor Pcinski".
The Macedonian state delegation was not allowed to mark August 2 in monastery "St. Prohor Pcinski", so the flower wreaths were put at watchtower "Prohor Pcinski" near the monastery.
Despite the announcements of the Serbian Government that the commemorative plaques will be returned during the celebrations, it did not occur due to the opposing of the Serbian Orthodox Church, which insisted that the Macedonian national holiday was celebrated outside the monastery. The commemorative plaques of the ASNOM Assembly were violently taken out by Serbian radical Voislav Seselj in 1998.
The first assembly of ASNOM is Macedonia's second Ilinden and the cornerstone of Macedonian statehood. Including 116 delegates, presided by Metodija Andonov-Cento, it presented constitution of the state of the Macedonian people. It passed several decisions, among which the most significant are the Declaration on the basic rights of citizens in democratic Macedonia, as well as the decision that the Macedonian language is the official language in the Macedonian state.







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