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Skopje Film Festival – Premiere of “Art of Prayer” of Stefan Saskov

“Art of Prayer”
(Dnevnik, 15.03.2004) - Documentary film “Art of Prayer” of Stefan Saskov will be projected within the Skopje Film Festival in cinema “Frosina” on Monday evening at 20,00h. The film won award “Zlatna Korija” at the Krusevo Festival.
It is an artistic-documentary 45-minute film. Saskov is the scriptwriter, director, photographer, music maker and editor. Lara Taskovska created the art-design.
The film is produced by “Delta Polzer”, which worked this project in several countries worldwide in the past two years. Prayer – a phenomenon that is present in every religion, is researched in a documentary and artistic manner in “Art of Prayer”.
“The goal of this project is to penetrate into the depths of the multicultural richness of the Balkan, but also the wider European and world space, thus contributing to the better acquaintance and mutual understanding of different folk and religious groups”, producer Fidan Jakoski says.
Director Saskov says he tried to find a unity of differences in this journey through religions.
“I was provoked by the current global inspiration to find unity in differences. The aesthetic of the film is concentrated on showing the beauty of meditation silence. This film is my attempt to bring contemplation and peace of prayer closer to people, regardless from where or whom it comes from”, Saskov stresses.
The first version of this documentary film was made from the first part of the filmed material, which was shown at the Festival of Annual Work in Macedonia, held in Krusevo.
The winning version, which will be projected at the Skopje Film Festival, was filmed in Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, India, Indonesia, Thailand and USA. This version will be followed by another one, after it is filmed in another 20 countries.







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